Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mutual Fund

Mutual Fund: A mutual fund is a pool of funds that are managed by a fund manager. Typically a mutual fund will invest on behalf of hundreds or thousands of individual investors. The idea behind it is simplifying the investment process for investors, reducing costs, and giving them access to the skills and expertise of the fund management professionals who oversee the fund. The mutual fund industry has grown rapidly around the world, and mutual fund products are used by many people for achieving their goals such as retirement savings or wealth building. There is a vast array of fund types that have been developed to suit particular needs as well as exploit various investment strategies.

Synonyms: Fund, Investment Fund, Managed Investment Fund, Managed Investment Product, Managed Fund, Collective Investment Vehicle

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  1. How to select a Mutual Fund? and Pls give some information on mutual fund, which mutual fund is good to invest?